Writing Yourself Awake – San Anselmo


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Date: Saturday, May 13th 2017

Time: 10.004.00pm

Location: 256. Crescent Road San Anselmo Ca 94960

Seeing the red plum
In the blue bowl
It is impossible to die.
-Roger Housden

Writing is a way to become deeply intimate with yourself and the world. Every life is a work of fiction, and in this workshop we shall use writing as a tool and poetry as an inspiration to wake up from the stories we tell ourselves into the truth of our present experience. Alternating writing sessions with group dialogue and short meditation periods, we will return to our senses and listen, see and touch both our inner and outer experience in concrete ways that bring us more present to ourselves, more permeable to each other and more intimate with the life that lives in everything.

No prior writing or meditation experience is required.

What You Will Learn:
To use beginner’s mind as the starting point for all writing
To recognize the mythic, non-personal dimension of your own stories
To let the world speak to you through your senses
To open to what is already here
To speak and listen from the silence

Who Should Attend This Workshop:
Non-writers: people interested in using writing to deepen their relationship to self and others.
Writers: occasional writers who want to go deeper into their experience, and practiced writers wanting to use their craft to explore their inner journey

Lunch: There will be a 90 minute lunch break. You are welcome to bring a bagged lunch or enjoy the local restaurants during this time.

Cost: $130
Or, save $5 by paying by check! Send your $125 check to Roger Housden at 256. Crescent Road San Anselmo 94960

To register: (*No refunds on workshop fee but credit may be applied to future course work and teaching)

Out of stock