Sacred Journeys in a Modern World

We journey to exotic and majestic landscapes as tourists and adventurers, but also — as Roger Housden shows in this luminous book — to connect with the divine.Reinterpreting the ancient sacred journey in a modern context — not tied exclusively to any one religion — Housden describes his journeys to places as diverse as the Ganges in India, St. Catherine’s on Mr. Sinai, and up the coast of Northern California to Big Sur and “New Age” spirituality. Whether he is trekking through the Masai lands of Africa, where every rock and canyon is alive with significance, or touring New York City’s world of “concrete canyons and towering monuments”, Housden’s remarkable color photographs beautifully complement prose that Resurgence magazine has described as “crystalline, precise, penetrating…shot through with epiphany-like gems of insight and practical wisdom”.

Throughout his wanderings, Housden bridges the space between the divine and the ordinary, showing how the sacred is not here or there but all around us — if only we open our eyes and soul to see.

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