Keeping the Faith Without a Religion

What is faith? It is not something we must receive from a religion, nor is it a quality we must abandon in order to become rational. “Faith,” writes bestselling author Roger Housden, “implies a basic trust in the way life weaves its patterns-an awareness that is not passive or fatalistic, but actively engaged with and accepting all of life’s twists and turns.” At a time when more and more people self-identify as “spiritual but not religious,” Housden’s new book Keeping the Faith Without a Religion offers us a way to recognize and embrace the extraordinary mystery of our lives without resorting to dogmatic beliefs or nihilistic scientism. He invites us to investigate:

. Faith and belief-how the unattainable desire for certainty has come to replace our true understanding of faith
. Becoming your own spiritual authority-guidance for building a personal faith based on your own inner experience
. How we can integrate a regular spiritual practice into our lives without subscribing to a particular tradition, and more

Today millions of people are seeking a new approach to spirituality that honors both the rational and the mystical in equal measure. With Keeping the Faith Without a Religion, Roger Housden offers a guidebook for this growing population of free-thinking seekers-an inspiring call to step beyond the need for answers and trust ourselves to the unfolding of our singular, extraordinary life.


“Housden offers a nuanced and well-rounded guide to having a faith while remaining detached from specific religious traditions.A nondenominational approach to life makes it easier to accept the impermanence of all situations, and to let go of the idea of “practicing” faith, instead simply experiencing it. Housden is a gentle and a moving guide, asking readers to not only bow down and accept the joy and darkness of their nature, but also to trust inner promptings and to be faithful to humanity.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Roger Housden has done the seemingly impossible: he has written a bible for the “spiritual but not religious”. Housden’s first six chapters offer a road map to how to trust the knowing, the mystery, the darkness, the joy, the changes, and the imperfection of life. The final four explore the power of letting go, finding beauty, cultivating kindness, and keeping faith with the human spirit.”
-Spirituality and Health
“With passion, clarity, and wisdom, Roger Housden offers ways to develop a personal spirituality disentangled from religiosity. A powerfully moving book.”
Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

“The genius Wittgenstein, about a century ago mused, ‘I can imagine a religion with no doctrines, so that nothing is spoken.’ Roger Housden imagines the end of -isms.  A great relief for the whole community. I love all of Roger’s healing, enlivening, and heart-opening work.”
Coleman Barks, author of Rumi: The Big Red Book

“Beautiful and wise. Keeping the Faith nourishes the heart and brings light to the spirit.”
Jack Kornfield, author of A Lamp in the Darkness

“Roger Housden has made a wonderful contribution to spiritual literature for years. And I bet if our senses were more refined, we could hear heaven, and Buddha too, wildly applauding Keeping the Faith Without a Religion. Indeed. Keep rocking, RH. Keep rockin!
Daniel Ladinsky, bestselling Penguin author of Poetry

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