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This site is for creatives, spiritual explorers, and the irrepressibly curious! Please join me in exploring the soul’s journey through writing and inner inquiry; in finding insight and awakening in your own words, your own life, your own wisdom. My courses use the written word as a tool to give form to our life experience and to encourage us to have faith in our own authentic voice.


A One Day Writing Workshop
Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Time: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: $125 By check to Roger Housden at 26 Skylark Drive, #8, Larkspur, CA 94939, or by Paypal (a $5 service fee is added for PayPal).
Location: 26 Skylark Drive, #8, Larkspur, CA 94939

Come and use writing to explore your relationship to the aspects of life that follow us like shadows until we give them a listening ear. Current research shows that writing actually shifts and reframes your felt experience within the overall context of your life story. In placing your experience outside of yourself onto the page, writing makes you more conscious, gives fresh perspective, and allows you to be a friendly witness to yourself rather than a critic or a judge. In this daylong workshop you will explore the relationship in your life between loneliness and alone-ness, emptiness and fullness, imperfection and perfection. Read More

 Heart shaped BookWriting Your Heart Out

A Six Week Writing Immersion
Into your Loves Desires and Longings
November 3rd to December 8th
Cost: $347
By Paypal (a $10 service fee is added for PayPal ) or by check to Roger Housden at 26 Skylark Drive, #8, Larkspur, CA 94939.

All the particles in the world
Are in love and looking for lovers.
Even straw trembles
In the presence of amber.


This is a unique opportunity to explore your deep desire nature: to investigate in writing your passions, your loves, your losses, and your deepest longings. What do you long for? What really moves you? How have your losses touched and affected the way you move in the world? In which ways do your personal relationships serve as mirrors for your connection with the dimension of spacious awareness in which we are an intrinsic part of a universe of love? Read More

Feedback from Roger’s Students


Roger is an inspired and inspiring guide in helping others uncover their personal voice and inner narrative. He is like a fine instrument—sensitive, eloquent, and enriching—as he teaches others to learn to listen to the story waiting to be told behind what has happened to them. Through unearthing what is personally true, one touches into what is true for all of us. In the process of learning to attune to and articulate that inner current, one is transformed. It has been a gift to participate in this unique alchemy with him.

~ Sandra Maitri – Author of The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram: Nine Faces of the Soul and The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues: Finding the Way Home.

Lisa RobertsonRoger does something very interesting that I have never found in another prose or poetry workshop. He doesn’t just help you articulate better what you want to say, he actually helps you articulate those narrative watershed moments that you didn’t even know needed to be said. Some works of mine were not just opaque but literally hidden, even from me. That kind of writerly, editorial insight is just invaluable. I find my work has deepened as a result, and has been taken to an entirely new level.

~ Lisa Robertson is a poet and essayist. Her writing has received an honorable mention from Glimmer Train, was nominated for a Best of the Web award, and most recently has been published by Babble, the Apple Valley Review, and the Cancer Poetry Anthology. Prior to reading for Memoir, she was the former editor of the Tonopah Review, a journal of Great Basin poetry and prose.

I’m a beginning writer who has worked with Roger for some six months now. When I think of him as a person and as a writing teacher, which I think are one and the same, really, two words come to mind: truth and beauty. Roger has a way of guiding and supporting each student to find their voice and to allow that voice to speak the truth. And because he sees beauty in truth, his feedback, even when he is offering it about something that didn’t work, is imbued with an appreciation for the beauty of expression and of the written word. So I find Roger to be at once both encouraging and supportive and kind, and also incisive and sharp in his ability to get right to the heart of the matter.

~ Roseanne Annoni Teacher of the Diamond Approach

I truly feel fortunate to have attended Roger’s writing classes. He is a superb teacher who offers feedback that is clear, perceptive, and deeply wise. He is highly skilled at group facilitation, providing a rich environment for participants to be supportive of one another, and to respond to each other’s writing honestly and authentically. Roger models compassion, depth, presence,and authenticity – all qualities that make him a gem of a teacher.

~ Susanne West – Professor of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University and author of Soul Care for Caregivers: How to Help Yourself While Helping Others.

The Surprise of Online Courses

Online classes can be a great vehicle for people to share their reflections and truths with each other around a theme that matters for everyone. The depth of sharing, the clarity, and the authenticity of people’s writing is inspiring. There is a sense of community that grows so quickly in an online context when people are willing to share their vulnerabilities, aspirations, and insights into this wild and incredible thing we call life. See the Events/Online page for details.

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I also offer private sessions as a writing coach and mentor. Email me at for latest details on courses and private sessions.