Living and Writing Wild

This site is for creatives, spiritual explorers, and the irrepressibly curious! Please join me in exploring the soul’s journey through writing and inner inquiry; in finding insight and awakening in your own words, your own life, your own wisdom. My courses use the written word as a tool to give form to our life experience and to encourage us to have faith in our own authentic voice.


Finding Your True Taste
A One Day Writing Workshop
Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: $125

This is a unique opportunity to address some of your deeper life questions with the guidance of author and mentor Roger Housden. You will use writing prompts and lines of poetry to orient yourself towards your deeper values and aspirations—those that place you as an active participant in the great web of belonging while at the same time celebrating the uniqueness of your authentic being. With the help of Rumi, Hafez, Mary Oliver and other poets, we shall explore how your life purpose can be understood as a gift you discover rather than a task you fulfill. Click here to learn more.

Keeping the Faith Without a Religion Now Available

“With passion, clarity, and wisdom, Roger Housden offers ways to develop a personal spirituality disentangled from religiosity. A powerfully moving book.”
—Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

“The genius Wittgenstein, about a century ago mused, ‘I can imagine a religion with no doctrines, so that nothing is spoken.’ Roger Housden imagines the end of -isms. A great relief for the whole community. I love all of Roger’s healing, enlivening, and heart-opening work.”
—Coleman Barks, author of Rumi: The Big Red Book

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The Surprise of Online Courses

Online classes can be a great vehicle for people to share their reflections and truths with each other around a theme that matters for everyone. The depth of sharing, the clarity, and the authenticity of people’s writing is inspiring. There is a sense of community that grows so quickly in an online context when people are willing to share their vulnerabilities, aspirations, and insights into this wild and incredible thing we call life. My next six week online course is Stop the Struggle and Trust Your Life and it starts on September 1st. See the Events/Online page for details.

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I also offer private sessions as a writing coach and mentor. Email me at for latest details on courses and private sessions.